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  • GD-902 Transformer Winding Deformation Tester
GD-902 Transformer Winding Deformation Tester

GD-902 Transformer Winding Deformation Tester



-No need to connect notebook computer, the tester itself can complete the transformer winding deformation test by frequency response method.


-The sweep frequency range can reach 10 Hz to 10 MHz, and the measurement accuracy of the attenuation multiple of the output frequency stable response is high.


-Printable Frequency Response Curve and Test Data with Miniature Printer


-Automatic evaluation of three-phase correlation of test results can be completed according to DLT-911 standard


-No need to connect to laptop

GD902 frequency response tester can be accomplished by itself. The test results can be stored and printed. There is no need to connect the laptop computer. The single tester is only 5 KG, which is very convenient to carry at site. More test data can be stored when testing with computer controlled tester, and test results can generate standard WORD report documents.


-Sweep frequency Wide Range

Linear sweep0.5KHZ-2MHz

Section sweep50Hz – 2000KHz 


-Self-contained Microprinter

Wide-paper micro-printer is built in the tester. Users can print the frequency response curve and the attenuation multiple data corresponding to the curve obtained by the test through the wide-paper micro-printer.


-Automatic assessment

DLT-911 standard evaluation program is built in, which can automatically calculate the three-phase correlation coefficient R according to the response multiple data of transformer three-phase windings. It can provide a reference for users to analyze the test results


Function and application


1.Check the frequency response data of transformer windings during routine test of power transformer maintenance

2.When the power transformer leaves the factory, the frequency response data of the winding of the transformer are measured as the characteristic fingerprint information of the transformer.

3.After the short circuit of power transformer occurs, the frequency response data of power transformer are measured and compared with the test data before the short circuit to check whether the transformer winding has been deformed.

4.Automatically produce WORD format test report based on test results.

5.Automated Wide Paper Microprinter Printing Test to Obtain Curves and Data.

6.Automatic evaluation of test results according to DLT-911



Technical data

1.Two different sweep modesLinear sweepSection sweep

Linear sweep0.5KHZ-2MHZ interval 0.5KHZ  2000 dots

Section sweep50HZ-100HZ interval 2HZ 25 dots

100HZ-1KHZ     interval  20HZ 45 dots

1KHZ -10KHZ interval  50HZ   180 dots

10KHZ-100KHZ interval  0.2KHZ  450 dots

100KHZ – 500KHZ  interval  0.5KHZ  800 dots

500KHZ – 2000KHZ interval  1KHZ   500 dots

2.Test range(-100dB- +20dB

3.Test accuracy0.1dB

4.Frequency accuracy<0.01%

5.Signal input impedance>1M Ω

6.Signal output impedance50 Ω7.Repeat test99.5%

8.Size (Length, Width and Height) 300 X 340 X 120 (mm)

9.Size of Aluminum Alloy Transport Box (Length, Width and Height) 310 X400 X 330 (mm)

10.Instrument mainframe weight: 5KG;

11.Working temperature: - 10ºC~50ºC;

12.Ambient humidity < 90%

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