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  • GD-1101Transformer Winding Deformation Tester
GD-1101Transformer Winding Deformation Tester

GD-1101Transformer Winding Deformation Tester

Instrument overview

According to the measurement of the characteristic parameters of the inner winding of the transformer, the transformer winding deformation tester adopts the FRA method which is being developed in the developed countries in the world, which can accurately judge the inner fault of the transformer.


After the transformer is designed and manufactured, its coil and internal structure are determined. Therefore, for a multi winding transformer coil, if the voltage level is the same and the winding method is the same, the corresponding parameters (CI, Li) of each coil should be determined. Therefore, the frequency domain characteristic response of each coil is also determined, and the frequency spectrum between the corresponding three-phase coils is comparable.


The distribution parameters of transformer windings will change if there is a turn to turn, phase to phase short circuit in the process of test, or a collision in the process of transportation, resulting in the relative displacement of the coil, and the coil deformation caused by electromagnetic tension in the short circuit and fault state during operation. Furthermore, the original frequency characteristics of the transformer, i.e. the amplitude change of frequency response and the shift of vibration frequency point, are affected and changed. According to the response analysis method, a transformer winding tester is developed, which is such a new nondestructive testing equipment for transformer internal fault. It is suitable for the internal structure fault detection of 63kV ~ 500kV power transformer.


The transformer winding deformation tester determines the change degree of the internal winding of the transformer according to the magnitude of the change, the amplitude, the area and the trend of the change of the frequency response after quantifying the response changes of the internal winding parameters of the transformer in different frequency domains. Furthermore, it can judge whether the transformer has been seriously damaged and whether it needs to be carried out according to the measurement results Overhaul.

For the transformer in operation, whether or not the frequency domain characteristic map has been saved in the past, the fault degree can also be judged by comparing the difference of the characteristic map between the fault transformer coils. Of course, if a set of original winding characteristic diagram of transformer is saved, it is easier to provide more accurate and powerful basis for the operation condition, post accident analysis and maintenance of transformer.


The transformer winding deformation tester is a high-precision measurement system composed of notebook computer and single-chip microcomputer. It has compact structure, simple operation and relatively complete testing and analysis function. It can be operated by itself by comparing with the operation manual or after short-term training.


Main technical features

1. High speed and high integration microprocessor is adopted for acquisition control.

2. USB interface for communication between laptop and instrument.

3. The use of industrial computer and measuring instrument integration, in the measurement site  

does not need to use mobile computers.

4. The hardware core adopts DDS special digital high-speed frequency sweep technology (USA), which can accurately diagnose the winding distortion, bulge, displacement, tilt, turn to turn short-circuit deformation, inter phase contact short-circuit and other faults through testing.

5. High speed dual channel 16 bit a / D sampling (the on-site test changes the tap changer, and the waveform curve has obvious changes).

6. The signal output amplitude is adjusted by software, and the maximum amplitude peak value is ± 10V.

7. The computer generates an electronic document (word) from the test results.

8. The instrument has the functions of linear sweep frequency measurement and sectional sweep frequency measurement dual measurement system, and is compatible with the measurement modes of two domestic technical schools.

9. The amplitude frequency characteristics meet the technical specifications of the national amplitude frequency characteristics tester. Abscissa (frequency) has two kinds of linear index and logarithmic index, so the printed curve can be either linear index or logarithmic index, and users can choose according to actual needs.

10. Automatic analysis system of test data

Comparison of winding similarity among three phases a, B and C in transverse direction

The analysis results are as follows:

① Good consistency

② Good consistency

③ Poor consistency

④ Poor consistency,

Longitudinal comparison A-A, B-B, C-C take the original data and current data in phase to compare the winding deformation

The analysis results are as follows:

① Normal winding

② Slight deformation

③ Moderate deformation

④ Severe deformation

11. It can automatically generate word electronic documents for saving and printing.

12. The instrument fully meets the technical requirements of power standard DL / T911-2004 frequency response analysis method for winding deformation of power transformer.


Main technical parameters

1.Scanning mode

1)Linear scan distribution

Sweep measurement range: (10Hz) - (10MHz) 40000 sweep points, resolution of 0.25khz, 0.5KHz and 1kHz.

2) Segmented sweep frequency measurement distribution

Sweep measurement range: (0.5KHz) - (1MHz), 2000 sweep points;





2.Other technical parameters

1) Amplitude measurement range: (- 120dB) to (+ 20dB)

2) Amplitude measurement accuracy: 0.1dB

3) Scanning frequency accuracy: 0.01%

4) Signal input impedance: 1m Ω

5) Signal output impedance: 50 Ω

6) Signal output amplitude: ± 20V

7) In phase test repetition rate: 99.9%

8) Measurement instrument size (length, width and height) 355x145x270 (mm)

9) Instrument aluminum alloy box size (length, width and height) 410x360x350 (mm)

10) Total weight: 17kg



1. The transformer winding deformation tester is composed of measurement part and analysis software part. The measurement part is controlled by high-speed single-chip microcomputer and consists of signal generation and signal measurement. The whole work is completed by the embedded industrial computer of the instrument itself, without the need of wiring and connecting the laptop, so it is easy to use. Of course, you can also use the USB interface to connect to the laptop.

2. In the test process, only the connecting bus of the transformer needs to be removed, and all tests can be completed without lifting the cover and disassembling the transformer.

3. The instrument has a variety of measurement functions of linear sweep frequency measurement system. The sweep frequency of linear sweep frequency measurement is up to 10MHz, and the frequency sweep interval can be divided into 0.25khz, 0.5KHz and 1kHz, providing more analysis of transformer deformation.

4. The instrument is highly intelligent, easy to use, with automatic range adjustment, automatic sampling frequency adjustment and other functions.

5. The software adopts windows platform and is compatible with WIN98 / 2000 / WinXP / win7 / win8 / win10 system. It provides a more convenient and easy-to-use display interface for users.

6. Provide comparative analysis of historical curves, load multiple historical curves for observation at the same time, and select any curve for horizontal and vertical analysis. Equipped with expert intelligent analysis and diagnosis system, it can automatically diagnose the state of transformer winding, load six curves at the same time, automatically calculate the relevant parameters of each curve, automatically diagnose the deformation of winding, and give the reference conclusion of diagnosis.

7. The software has powerful management function, fully considering the needs of field use, and automatically saves the parameters of environmental conditions, so as to provide basis for transformer winding deformation diagnosis. The measurement data is saved automatically, with color printing function, which is convenient for users to output test reports.

8. The software has obvious humanization characteristics. The measurement conditions are mostly optional. The detailed parameters of the transformer can be saved for diagnosis reference, and can not be input in the field. The modification information can be added later, which is more convenient to use.

9. The software is highly intelligent. After the input and output signals are connected, you can complete all the measurement work by setting the condition parameters, and you can open the historical waveform curve for comparative observation and stop the measurement at any time.

10. The time required for each phase measurement is less than 60 seconds. The total time required for winding deformation measurement of a high, medium and low winding power transformer (unlimited capacity and voltage level) shall not exceed 10 minutes.

11. When measuring the transformer, the wiring personnel can place the signal input and output leads at will, which has no impact on the measurement results. The wiring personnel can stay on the transformer oil tank without going down to reduce the labor intensity.



Sr no





1 unit


Power supply cable

1 unit


Test cable

1 set


Accessories bag

1 unit



1 unit



1 unit


Fuse 0.5A

3 unit


Operating manual

1 unit


  Calibration report

1 unit


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