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  • DTY Series Turbine Oil Filter
DTY Series Turbine Oil Filter

DTY Series Turbine Oil Filter


1) DTY series turbine oil vacuum filter is mainly used in thermal power, hydroelectric generating units, nuclear power plants, industrial steam turbine units and other enterprises that use turbine oil.


2) It is used to treat unqualified turbine oil, especially for seriously emulsified turbine oil, so that the quality of oil meets the requirements.


3) It is used for the treatment of oil products that have run through steam, air leakage, aging, acid content, foaming and emulsification, so as to make the seriously turbid and emulsified turbine oil clear and transparent.


Main technical parameters:



Model no.


















Working vacuum (Pa)

0.06  0.098


Working pressure (Mpa)



Constant temperature range()



Water content in oil (mg/L)

100 (GB/T7600)


Mechanical impurities (%)

No (GB/T511)


Filter Precision (μm)



Acid Value (mgKoH/g)

 0.3 (GB/T264)


Demulsification degree (min)

 15 (GB/T7305)


Working noise (dBA)



Power supply

380V±10%, 50Hz or 60Hz (Can be customized)


Total power(KW)









Inlet and outlet pipe diameter (mm)









Net weight (kg)






















DTY series Vacuum oil filter specially for turbine oil, all parts that are in contact with oil, water, steam and pipeline valves are carefully made of high-quality carbon steel materials in order to make the filtered oil reach Standard and stable product quality laid the foundation. Using vacuum negative pressure, three-dimensional three-dimensional flash evaporation and thin-film evaporation technology and multi-stage precision filtration, so as to reliably remove the water, gas, particulate impurities, dust, sludge and sediment contained in unqualified oil, and restore the original oil performance. This equipment also has the functions of oil extraction, oil injection, hot oil circulation filtration, etc., to meet various site use requirements. Compared with oil filters from other manufacturers, this equipment has the characteristics of strong demulsifying ability, high water removal efficiency, high filtration accuracy, and can maintain the original performance indicators of the oil. It can be used for centralized recovery and treatment of oil, and can also be used with Supporting the use of large equipment. Products are widely used in petrochemical, electric power, machinery, metallurgy and other industries to purify and filter oil such as steam turbine turbine oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, etc., in order to achieve high precision oil standards.


1) It adopted the separation technology of Beijing Aviation Military coalescence separation system, high-efficiency vacuum dehydration, degassing and impurity remova. It has high oil purification efficiency for the industrial oil such as turbine oil, hydraulic oil and lubricating oil, so that the filtered oil can meet the use standard.

2) Compact structure: it adopts the structure of removing filter element without tools, so it is convenient and quick to replace filter element.

3) Equipped with infrared defoaming device: automatically eliminate the oil bubble in the vacuum tank, so as to avoid the damage of the vacuum pump caused by the oil bubble inhalation into the vacuum pump.

4) Equipped with filter element pollution alarm: when pollution of the filter element is fully absorbed, the whole machine will automatically stop running and give an alarm to stop and prompt to replace the filter element.

5) Built in heater: heating efficiency, heat preservation performance, heating speed, etc. are superior to the same industry level.

6) Low power density tubular heating element is adopted, built-in oil shortage protection and digital display constant temperature control device, which will not cause dry burning and oil cracking of oiler under any circumstances, and the whole machine can be operated online.

7) The oil transfer pump works stably with low noise.

8) When the equipment is started, the noise is stable and low. During normal operation, the oil pump does not empty and the motor does not operate under load. In case of any abnormal condition, the alarm can be automatically given, so as to achieve the automatic and reliable protection of the main equipment and ensure the safe and continuous operation of the oil filter for a long time.

9) The machine is equipped with automatic drainage system, automatic anti oil leakage device, automatic oil level control, automatic alarm and shutdown to prevent the oil leakage of vacuum oil filter.

10) The bottom of the whole machine is equipped with a bearing caster for convenient movement.

12) Quick connector is used for oil inlet and outlet pipe, which is convenient to use.

13) The machine has stable performance and avoids the trouble of adjusting each valve after starting the common oil filter.


Main components and functions:


The equipment consists of nine parts: frame, oil filter system, heating system, vacuum system, separation system, condensation system, oil transportation system, pipeline valve system and electronic control system.


1. Frame: This is movable. There are four heavy-duty rollers installed below for easy movement. All parts of the oil filter are fixed on it to ensure the reliable operation of the whole machine.


2. Oil filtration system consists of coarse filtration, first-stage filtration and second-stage fine filtration. The filter element adopts high-quality filter element with large filtering area, large contamination capacity and high filtering accuracy. In order to improve the quality of oil, various impurities and suspended solids in oil can be filtered rapidly by progressive infill filtration.


The heating system consists of heater A, heater B and temperature control display.


3. The vacuum system consists of rotary vane vacuum pump and Roots pump. Opening the rotary vane vacuum pump can make the system reach the initial vacuum state. After the system reaches the initial vacuum state, opening the Roots pump can make the system obtain high vacuum. In the case of high vacuum and large pumping speed, it can quickly remove all kinds of harmful gases and trace moisture in the purified oil, which can significantly increase the breakdown voltage value of the oil after filtration, shorten the oil treatment period, and reduce the hazards of oil aging caused by repeated heating and filtration of ordinary oil filters.


4. The separation system consists of an oil inlet solenoid valve, an atomizer, a gas-liquid separation tower, an observation window and a liquid level controller.


5. The condensation system consists of primary condensation and secondary condensation. In addition to condensation function, the condenser also has steam-water separation function, which can effectively remove water, prevent water from entering the vacuum pump to emulsify the vacuum pump oil, and prolong the service life of the vacuum pump.


6. The oil delivery system consists of an oil pump, a pressure gauge, an oil discharge valve, a sampling valve and an oil discharge valve.


7. Pipeline valve system consists of intake pipeline, outlet pipeline, vacuum pipeline, various manual valves and various solenoid valves. It is a bridge connecting various components. The inlet and outlet tubing joints are all fast-changing joints, which are reliable in sealing and convenient in operation.


1. The electronic control system is the centralized control center of the whole machine. Most of the control elements are installed in the electronic control cabinet. The upper part of the cabinet panel is equipped with a high-precision shock-proof vacuum gauge and a high-precision shock-proof pressure gauge, which are used to indicate the working vacuum of the system and the working pressure of the oil output system.


Among the above buttons, the "Master stop/Reset" button is a compound button with self-locking function. The "Master stop/Reset" button can be pressed once to cut off all the control power of the system. Only when the "Master stop/Reset" button is rotated clockwise, can the control power of the system be restored.


In addition to various manual functions, the electrical system has the following automatic functions.

(1) Automatic control of heating temperature.

(2) Automatic control of oil level in separation tower.

(3) Oil foam is eliminated automatically.

(4) Automatic alarm of excessive pressure in filtering system

(5) Automatic protection of power failure.


Equipment standard:

This agreement refers to the standard of “JB / 5285-2008 vacuum oil purifier machinery industry”.








Inlet/outlet oil tube






Opearting manual

1 pc


Calibration report

1 pc


Optional items for buyers:

1. Flow meter with accumulation function;

2. PLC intelligent control, touch screen and dynamic display;

3. High quality imported power components, filter parts and electrical components to improve equipment performance;

4. BT or CT explosion-proof


Customized equipment as per buyers requirements:

1. The whole machine mechanism can be made into mobile and fixed type;

2. Fully closed and open type can be made;

3. Select the equipment color according to the needs;

4. The whole machine can be made into oil filter with plate and frame, which has better filtering effect for oil with more impurities

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