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  • GLMD-2000 SF6 density meter
GLMD-2000 SF6 density meter

GLMD-2000 SF6 density meter



GLMD-2000 SF6 density meter, this is a kind of intelligent & automatic checking instrument of SF6 density. The instrument adopts the single cycle instruction of microcomputer technology, which the operating speed is 10 times ordinary singlechip. It can be calibrated at field to check SF6 density circuit breaker of pointer contact output and intelligent current output, it uses interrupt mode to capture circuit breaker density at real-time. The instrument has the characters of SF6 standard conversion under any ressure environment,portable,auto calibration of SF6 density and pressure.

In a closed container, SF6 gas pressure under certain temperature can represent SF6 gas density. it is usually used as SF6 gas pressure standard value at 20℃. Under different environment temperature, measured pressure values are to be converted into its corresponding to value at 20℃, it can be used to judge the performance of SF6 density circuit breaker.

The meter’s measurement is automatically finished, so it is convenient and simple.




1.The meter adops analog digital mixed single cycle high speed microcontroller  

technology, it has rich and powerful resources,strong data processing ability,  it has the characters of simple outer-ring circuits,good stability and accuracy because it built in A/D, D/A, reference voltage, analog amplifier integrated.

2. The instrument can automatically check pointer type and electronic type density

circuit breaker./

3.Density relay 1 ~ 3 group contacts of the initial state is arbitrary form (closed or open always), it can simultaneously measure response value and recovery value of 1 ~ 3 group contacts , so the instrument can auto measure all kinds of circuit breaker.

4.3.5” large screen colour liquid crystal display, simple and convenient to use.

5.It shows the current pressure, corresponding pressure and environment temperature at 20℃, to solve the problem of SF6 density relay on-site check.

6.Auto test process, to aviod operation by mistake.

7. 100 groups measured datas storage, every measurement can be traced.

8. RS-232 interface data upload PC , automatic generation test data form.

9.Normal temeprature pressure and density under any environment temperature can be calibrated.

10.Advantage quick joints, convenient connection and small leakage.

11.Built in clock, which can be corrected at any time.

12.Self checking function. Calibration can be corrected after using, to ensure calibration  


13.High precision pressure sensor and advanced magnetic fluid technology.

14.Built-in high capacity battery, 3.5” colour LCD display quantity of electricity , convenient on-site check.


Main Technical parameter 


1. Measuring accuracy: 0.2 class

2. Display: 3.5” colour LCD

3. Measuring range: 0 ~ 1.0Mpa

4. Pressure display resolution: 0.001 Mpa

5. Operation temeperature: -20℃ to 60℃

6. Temperature measuring range: -20℃ to 60℃

  Temperature resolution: 0.1℃

7. Storage data: 100 groups

8. Communication interface: RS-232

9. Printer (optional)

10. Power supply: AC220V + 10% 50Hz

  built-in power:DC8.4V

11.Weight: 3kg (host)

12.Size: 360*240 *110 mm(host)

        430*310*160mm (accessories case)


Accessories accompanied with shipment


Sr no







Measuring pipe



Gas-input pipe



Gas-output pipe



Signal cable



Portable SF6 cylinder



Pressure relief valve



Factorys calibration report



Operating manual



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