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  • RB6000 SF6 Warning Device
RB6000 SF6 Warning Device

RB6000 SF6 Warning Device

Gas leak detection is necessary

SF6 was made by two French chemist Moissan and Lebeau synthesis in 1900. Since 60 time, SF6 as extremely superior insulation, arc extinguishing medium is widely used in the industry of world electric power of high-voltage circuit breakers and substation equipment. Today, SF6 gas almost become a high pressure, super high voltage circuit breaker and GIS only insulation and arc extinguishing medium.

Pure SF6 gas is colorless, odorless, nonflammable, at room temperature, chemical property stable air proportion, is more than 5 times. But in power system, because the SF6 gas mainly acts as insulation and arc extinguishing medium, in the arc and partial discharge, high temperature and other factors, the SF6 gas decomposition. Its decomposition in water after the formation of corrosive electrolyte, especially some of the high toxic decomposition products, such as SF4, S2F2, SOF2, HF, SO2, such as the amount of inhaled human will cause dizziness and pulmonary edema, and even coma and death.

In the relatively sealed interior, due to poor air circulation, SF6 and its decomposition in a deposition chamber, plus SF6 gas colorless, tasteless, and thus the patrol, maintenance personnel harm. When equipped with SF6 equipment electrical room such as GIS leakage, SF6 gas accumulation in the floor above the lower layer space, when they reach a certain concentration, if the staff to enter indoor, can cause the brain hypoxia, suffocating and causing major accident.

It is due to SF6 gas harm, " working regulation of power safety " ( power plant and transformer substation part of special provisions ), equipped with SF6 equipment electrical room must ensure that SF6 gas concentration is less than 1000ppm, in addition to the installation of forced ventilation device, you must also install alarm instrument and oxygen concentration of SF6 gas detection alarm and so on.

Products brief introduction

RB6000 SF6 gas leakage alarm system, is based on the current power system emphasizes the production safety situation, for mounting in a SF6 device of electrical room staff to provide personal health and safety protection design, and development of intelligent online detection system.

System monitoring of ambient air SF6 gas content and the oxygen content, when the environment SF6 gas content exceed the standard or hypoxia, real-time alarm, and automatically open fan for ventilation, and a temperature and humidity detection, working status of remote alarm, voice prompts, historical data inquiry and many other rich features.

System uses high frequency ionization measurement principle, can be real-time, quantitative measurements of SF6 concentration, even in the concentration of SF6 in <10ppm ( v/v ) can effectively detect. Not only can ensure the personal safety purposes, but also to ensure the normal operation of equipment; the original high precision digital-to-analog converter and import long life oxygen sensor, can provide on-site staff to provide more reliable protection layer.

This system can be widely used in various voltage levels of SF6 opening and closing chamber, SF6 switch room, electrical room combination ( GIS chamber ), SF6 main transformer room.

Product main function

1.SF6 gas content measurement function;

2.Oxygen content in quantitative measurement function;

3. Hypoxia or SF6 content exceed the standard alarm function;

4. Hypoxia or SF6 content exceed the standard, forced air exhaust function;

5.Artificial setting alarm;

6.Environment temperature, humidity detection and display function;

7.Timing exhaust function;

8.Capturing function;

9.Artificial forced air exhaust function;

10.The last air exhaust time display function;

11.SF6, O2 content curve analysis function;

12.Data report form function;

13.Historical data query function;

14.Infrared detection and prompt function.

15.Optional wireless alarm function

16.Wireless alarm, wireless data communication function ( optional);

17.Toxic gases ( such as CO, CH4, H2S ) content monitoring ( optional);

18.An external signal input interface, an input signal can come from a smoke detector, Menci switch ( optional);

19.Output interface, automatic 119 fire alarm, start / stop dehumidifier, electronically controlled doors and other intelligent control function ( optional);

20.Equipment life more than 10 years.

Main technical parameters

1.Work environment:

1.1 Temperature range: 25℃~65 ℃

1.2 Humidity range:≤ 95%RH

1.3 Seismic grade: 7 degrees

1.4 Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa

2.SF6 measuring index

2.1 Measuring range: 030000ppmv

2.2 Alarm point: setting: measurement range setting, default 1000ppmv

2.3 Error:± 2.5%FS

2.4 Repeatability error: <2.5%FS

2.5 Zero drift: <5%FS

2.6 Span drift: <5%FS

2.7 Alarm error: <5%

3. Measurement oxygen index

3.1 Detection of concentration: 025%

3.2 Oxygen concentration alarm point: 15.0%,

3.2 Oxygen measuring accuracy: <0.4%, O2 at 21%

4. Power supply and power consumption

4.1 Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz

4.2 Power consumption: host <65VA, sensor module <5VA

4.3 Alarm contact capacity: AC 220V/7A, normal open, normal close

4.4 The blower output capacity: AC 220V/7A, normally open

5. Other indicators

5.1 Temperature measuring range: -40 ℃~ +99 ℃

5.2 Humidity measuring range: 0100%RH

5.3 Fan ventilation time setting: setting, default 15min/time

5.4 Data recording time: 1 month

5.5 Communication: RS-485 bus

5.6 Communication protocol: General Electric Power Communication Protocol

5.7 Insulation: >10M Ω

5.8 Dielectric strength: >2000V

5.9 Electromagnetic compatibility characteristics: fast transient pulse group GB/T17626.4-1999

5.10 Lightning ( surge ) GB/T17626.5-1999 Level 3

System components


RB-6000 Synchronous display system, it receives the transmitted data acquisition, processing, and analysis, compared with the fixed standard parameters to judge. At the same time, the host can communicate with host PC, receives the control commands sent by PC or upload the data to the PC for telemetry, remote control and storage. When collecting data exceeds a preset limit, the host automatically run the control program, start the peripheral equipment to work, including sound, voice alarm, ventilation, etc.. In addition the host to temperature and humidity on environment were measured, in order to compensation, data correction.

1.1 Installation: wall hanging

1.2 Collector: max quantity to be connected: 31 pics (it can be adjusted according to the user’s requirement.)

1.3 Size800×600×2360mm

1.4 Alarm output: normally open contact, RS485 communication

1.5 Features: simple and beautiful appearance, rich control function. Liquid crystal display data field monitoring environment, with forced exhaust fan, wind and remote alarm automatically when you start an alarm output of wind machine, can function keys through the host's own alarm set point, the fan regular exhaust function, referring to the historical data, and can communicate with computer via RS485. Remote control can also be through RTU to host access to monitoring data or control fan start.

2. Gas collector

2.1 SF6 containing gas, oxygen gas sensor, SF6 gas and oxygen content detection in the environment, the host data transmitted directly to the system display, analysis, processing.

2.2 Installation: fixed in the low SF6 gas leakage area

2.3 Dimensions: 181 x 108 x 50 (mm)

3. Temperature and humidity collector

3.1 Including temperature, humidity sensor, detection in the environment temperature and relative

humidity, the host data transmitted directly to the system display, analysis, processing.

3.2 Installation: fixed in RB-6000 SF6 gas, oxygen gas collector with the environment.

3.3 Dimensions: 181 x 108 x 50 (mm)

4. RB-6000 monitoring system

4.1 The function of data acquisition, processing;

4.2 Event alarm function;

4.3 Recall the incident function;

4.4 Real-time curve, historical curve function;

4.5 Data report;

4.6 Remote control function;

4.7 Equipment information management function.

5. Fan controller

3.1 Function: the receiving host fan control signals, to control the fan start and stop.

3.2 Control power: 220V, 20A

3.3 Dimensions: 85 x 120 x 50 ( mm )

4. Ventilator

4.1 Product type: straight type, curve type

4.2 Power supply: AC220V

4.3 Motor type: ordinary type, explosion-proof type

5. Alarm lamp

Components: JD701-L03R/22 lights LED,

connection seat, a mounting base, a decorative cover

Connection sketch


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SF6 Warning System (Host)






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Fan controller



Audible and visual alarm



Calibration report



Operating manual


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