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Wuhan Goldsol Co. Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of power test equipment. The factory has gathered a number of professional technicians and staffs with high caliber guided by the principles of man-orientation, which possesses high design, development and manufacturing capabilities. By relying on the talent advantages and through constant technological innovations, some products of the factory currently have reached the leading position among the same industries in the world.
The factory was backed by fine credit, technological advantages, excellent products and complete after-sales services.
The VLF (Very Low Frequency) Hipot Tester which combines advanced digital variable frequency technology and micro computer control together is the new development productthe production has got the State Patent of Invention (SN no.200710152385-Ultra low frequency high-pressure generator)
The factory has been audited by the SGS & BV, You're welcomed to contact us for more information!         




Contact: Mr.Luo

Phone: 86 13071289809

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Add: No.128, Sanyang Road,Hankou Wuhan

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