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VLF High VoltageTester integrated TD & PD

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  • Product description: 1.AC Withstand voltage testing, Voltage & current curve display. 2.Tan delta (tgδ test), capacitance (μF) and IR (Ω) Test without external device (for buyer’s option). 3.Partial discharge testing wi

VLF Advantage

1. AC Withstand voltage testing, Voltage & current curve display.

2. Tan delta (tgδ test), capacitance (μF) and IR (Ω) Test without external device (for buyer’s option).

3. Partial discharge testing without external device (for buyer’s option).

4. DC withstandi voltage test,DC leakage current measurement (for buyer’s option).

5. ”IEE 400.2” Analysis of Tan delta test result.

6. Safe Optical isolation technology.

7. Easiest to use Fully automatic microcontroller.

8. H/L voltage closed loop negative feedback control circuit, output no capacity rise effect.

9. Built-in printer.

10. Built-in protective resistors.

11. Colour Touch LCD (154*86mm)operation, True sine wave output.

12. Real-time display of actual output waveform.

13. Ergonomic, menu guided, large colour touch screen

14. Storage of test results 99 groups for later retrieval and print.

15. Over voltage and current protected.

16.Auto variable frequency 0.1Hz, 0.05Hz, 0.02 Hz, 0.01 Hz.

17. 60 mins continuous working;

18. Data of current, voltage and waveform directly sampled at HV side.

19. IP67 waterproof rugged and reliable design.

20. Invatation Patent

21. Portable: only one unit for 40KV, 2 units for 80KV (Control unit + Tank).

22. CE mark.

23. RS232/USB (for buyer’s option).


1.Power: 220V ± 10% AC (110V can be customized), 50/60Hz, single phase;

2.Output-Voltage (Peak): 1 to rated value (KV), details see the below “table1,table 2,table 3 & table 4”;

3.Output frequency: 0.1Hz, 0.05Hz, 0.02 Hz, 0.01 Hz (auto variable frequency);

4.Load: 0.5μF (approx 6,000 ft of cable)  @ 0.1 Hz

1.0μF (approx 12,000 ft of cable) @ 0.05 Hz

2.5μF (approx 30,000 ft of cable) @ 0.02 Hz

5.0μF (approx 60,000 ft of cable) @ 0.01 Hz

5. Stability of frequency: Fluctuation < 0.5%;

6. Measurement accuracy: ±3%;

7. Positive and negative voltage peak error: ≤3%;

8. Voltage waveform distortion: ≤5%;

9. Construction: only one unit for 40KV;  2 units for 80KV(1 Control unit +1 Tank).

10. Ambient conditions of use: temperature Indoor and outdoor : -10ºC + 50ºC.

11. Humidity:≤85%

12. Technical indexes of VLF tgδ test (for option):

1) tgδ test voltage range: 1 to 40KV (Only one booster can be used for tan delta test if 2 boosters set)

2) Measurement voltage accuracy: 3%

3) Dielectric loss test frequency: 0.1Hz

4) Measurement range: 0.01×10-3- 655.35×10-3

5) Dielectric loss accuracy: 1x10-4

6) Dielectric loss resolution: 1x10-5

7) Capacitance measurement range: 0.001μF-10μF

8) Celectric capacity resolution: 0.001μF

9) Current measurement range: 0–59mA

10) Current resolution: 0.1mA

11) Insulation resistance: 0.01GΩ-65.53GΩ

12) Insulation resistance resolution: 10MΩ

13.Main technical indexes of VLF PD test (for option):

1) Partial discharge measurement range: 0.01pc-200pc

2) Partial discharge detection sensitivity: 0.01pc

3) Capacitance range: 0.001μF-10μF

4) Sampling bits: 12 bits

5) Sampling speed: 12M/S

6) Test voltage:  0 to rated value (KV)

14.DC leakage current measurement (for option):

1) Output rated voltage: same as rated AC voltage output

2) Voltage accuracy: 3%

3) Leakage current range: 0-2000μA

4) DC Current resolution: 1μA

5) DC current accuracy: 3%

6) It is necessary to parallel the capacitor we supplied if testing DC leakage current.

Function comparison of VLF series models


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