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  • Lightning Impulse Generator DWCJ-300KV/15KJ
  • Lightning Impulse Generator DWCJ-300KV/15KJ
Lightning Impulse Generator DWCJ-300KV/15KJLightning Impulse Generator DWCJ-300KV/15KJ

Lightning Impulse Generator DWCJ-300KV/15KJ


This lightning impulse voltage generator test system device is mainly suitable for testing Insulators,transformers, switches,Arresters and bushes with voltage levels ≤ 36kV for standard full lightning impulse voltage.


Woking condition:


2.Environment temperature: 15℃~50℃

3.Relative humidity≤90%

4.Installation place: indoor type, movable

5.Ground resistance0.


Test equipment included in the test system(Model: DWCJ-300KV/15KJ)

300KV/15KJ Full wave impulse device, 300kV Chopping device, 300KV Capacitive voltage divider, 100KV/50mA Rectifier Transformer, Measurement&control system(including Lighting impulse voltage Test Bench, TDS3012C Oscilloscope, IPM-24 Peak volmeter, 1 set Attenuator , printer, control&measurement software, etc.)


1. Impulse voltage generator (300kV/15kJ)

1)Main technical parameters

2)Nominal lightning impulse voltage: 300kV

3)Nominal capacity (energy): 15kJ

4)Number of stages/ Capacity per stage: 3 /5kJ

5)Rated capacitance: 1.0μF 

6)Voltage per stage: ± 100kV

7)Output waveform:

- 1.2μs ±30% / 50μs±20% standard lightning impulse voltage full wave, efficiency ≥ 90%

- 250±20% / 2500±60%μs standard lightning impulse operating wave.

8)Min. output voltage≤10 %Un

9)Generator efficiency≥ 90%;

10)Triggering range: ≥ 20%

11)Working Duration:

Continuous operation 70Un, charge&discharge every 90s

Continuous operation 70Un, charge&discharge every 60s

Instability of output peak voltage≤1.0 %, the lowest output ≤10% of the nominal voltage of the device.

12)Malfunction rate while synchronous discharge2

13)Ignition range: 10%~100

14)Chopping device can produce cut-off lightning wave with a cut-off time of 2 ~ 6 μ s, and the dispersion of the cut-off wave is less than 100ns.

15)Base: 2.5m × 1.7m, caster moving.

16)Height: About 1.5m. Weight: about 650kg


2. Rectifier charging power supply

1)Model No.: LGR-100/50

12)Rated voltage:  Un = 100kV DC (Positive or negative polarity)

13)Rated current:  In = 50mA (Under rated voltage)

13)Voltage control: Controllable constant current charge, regulate range 0~100% Un

14)Polarity conversion: Auto convert path of high voltage silicon stack

15)Input voltage: 220V, single-phase

16)Frequency: 50/60Hz

17)Power supply capacity: 5kVA

18)power supply resistance: 3 pcs

3. Low damping capacitive voltage divider

1)Model: 300kV/300pF

2)Rated voltage: 300kV

3)Rated capacitance: 300pF

4)Stage of capacitor: 1 stage

5)Capacitance per stage: 300pF

6)Square wave response: Partial response time is less than 100ns, overshoot is less than 20%

7)Voltage division uncertainty: Less than 1%


4. Chopping device

1)Rated Voltage: 300kV

2)Sphere gap type: Ф300mm

3)Time delay mode: 2-6µs time delay adjustable circuit provide chopping trigger pulse.

4)Chopping wave dispersibility: Chopping wave time standard error is less than 0.1µs.

5)Sphere gap Qty: 2 pcs

6)Chooped wave resistance 1 pc


5. Controller (Signal analyze auto-testing system)

1)Waveform test: TDS3012C digital oscilloscope

Max. sample rate 1.0GS/s, 100MHz bandwidth, resolution 8bit

        Record length 2.5K byte, 2 channels

2)Waveform analyzation:

   Industrial control computer and LCD display

        Impulse test software

        Display and calculate impulse waveform parameters

        Waveform comparison function

        Waveform amplification, shrink and translation

        Store and invoking of waveform

        Auto-generated test report in picture format

6. Accessories

1)High performance 100 times specialized attenuator 2 pcs

2)Isolation filter shielding design

3)Wave head resistance 3 groups

4)Wave tail resistance 3 groups


7. Standard

IEC 60060-1

IEC 60076-3

IEC 62271-1

IEC 62271-200

Test transformer (JB / T9641-1999)

GB1094-2003 power transformer

GB / T509-1997 power transformer test guide

DL / T596 / 1996 code for preventive test of electric power equipment

GB311.1-1997 insulation coordination of high voltage transmission and transformation equipment

GB / T16927.1-1997 high voltage test technology general test requirements

GB / T16927.2-1997 high voltage test technology measurement system Digital recorder for high voltage impulse test

ZB F24 001-90 implementation rules for impulse voltage measurement

GB191 packaging and transportation marks

JB / T563 technical conditions for ordering coupling capacitors and capacitor voltage dividers

GB4208 enclosure protection level

GB813-89 oscilloscope and peak meter for impact test

GB7449-87 test guide for lightning impulse and operation impulse of power transformers and reactors

JB / T501 power transformer test guide

Transformer test technology (JB / t501-1991)

IEC60-1 and IEC60-2 high voltage test technology

GB50150-91 standard for hand over test of electrical equipment in electrical equipment installation engineering

DL / T557-94 high voltage line insulator steep wave impact test, definition, test method and criteria

DL / T 848.5-2004 general specification for high voltage test equipment Part 5: impulse voltage generator

DL / T 846.1-2003 general specification for high voltage test equipment Part 1: high voltage divider measurement system

DL / T 846.2-2004 general specification for high voltage testing equipment Part 2: impulse voltage measuring system

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