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  • DC Winding Resistance Tester CT88-10A
DC Winding Resistance Tester CT88-10A

DC Winding Resistance Tester CT88-10A



The DC resistance of transformer is a necessary test item for the factory test, installation, handover test and preventive test of semi-finished products and finished products in the manufacturing of transformer. It can effectively find the manufacturing defects of transformer coil, such as material selection, welding, loose connection parts, lack of strands, broken wires and hidden dangers after operation. In order to meet the needs of fast measurement of DC resistance of transformer, our company has developed a new generation of CT series DC resistance tester with its own technical advantages.


The instrument adopts the new program-controlled linear constant current source technology, with large output current, current gear, small volume, light weight, etc.


The machine is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, automatic complete self-checking, data processing, display, save, print, and other functions, with sophisticated electronic measuring technology, makes the instrument is of high precision and wide measuring range, easy operation, can realize the sensibility of transformer and voltage transformer resistance rapid measurement.


Function characteristics:


1.High precision electronic measuring technology and high-performance single chip

microcomputer, makes the instrument has high measurement precision and numerical

stability, good repeatability.

2.Instrument can choose appropriate according to the load current, the current gear, the

biggest can output 10A current.

3.Printing, storage, real-time view the data, and other functions.

4. Big screen display, menu operation, friendly interface, be clear at a glance, convenient


5.Micro printer for thermal printer, speed, the surface can be installed directly printing


6. Audible alarm automatic discharge and discharge instructions, and other functions.


Technical parameters


1, Output current: 10 A5 A1A100mA 10 mA1mA

2. Range  1mA   2Ω-20KΩ    

           10mA:    0.2Ω-2KΩ     

          100mA:   20mΩ-200Ω      

              1A:    2mΩ-20Ω

              5A:    0.4mΩ-4Ω

             10A:    0.2mΩ-2Ω       

3, Accuracy:  0.2% ± 2 μΩ

4, Resolution: 1 μΩ

5, Working temperature: - 20 ~ 40 ℃

6, Environment humidity: ≤90% RH, no condensation

7, Working power supply: AC220V ±10%, 50Hz



1) Power supply cable            1

2) Test cables                    2

3)Printer paper                   1

4) Factory’s Calibration report      1

5) Operating manual              1

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