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  • HDC-10 Down conductor tester (10A)
HDC-10 Down conductor tester (10A)

HDC-10 Down conductor tester (10A)


HDC-10 Down conductor tester (10A) is a kind of portable developped  high-automation test system. It is suitable for measuring grounding conductor (grounding continuty) resistance value of substation and lightning Protection System. The instrument adopts high performance MCU control to realize the intelligent testing process.


1.High precision electronic measurement technology and high performance MCU, which makes the instrument get advantages of high measuring precision, numerical stability, repeatability.

2.It has the functions of print, store, view real-time data.

3.Large screen display, menu operation, friendly interface.

4.Micro thermal fast speed printer.

5.RS232 communication

Technical parameter

1. Output current: 10A, 5A, 1A

2. Messurement range:   10A:  1mΩ

                         5A:  2mΩ4Ω      

                         1A:  10mΩ20Ω   

3.Accuracy: 0.2%±2μΩ

4.Resolution: 0.1μΩ

5.Working temperature: -2040

6.Humidity of the environment: ≤90%RH, no condensation

7.Power supply: AC220V + 10%, 50Hz

8.Standard Cable length: 200m +20m

9.Host Size: 460*400*380mm

11. Weight: 12kgs(host); 50kgs(cable)



 Sr no




Power supply cable

1 unit


Test cables

1 sets (50m+5m) *


Factory’s calibration report

1 unit


Operating manual

1 unit

    * Cable length can be customized as per users requirement.

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