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  • YJJ-601 Insulation Oil Tester
  • YJJ-601 Insulation Oil Tester
YJJ-601 Insulation Oil TesterYJJ-601 Insulation Oil Tester

YJJ-601 Insulation Oil Tester

General introduction

YJJ-601A (80KV) & YJJ-601B (100KV) is new developed according to the national standard GB507-2002 and IEC60156 (IEC156) Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Testing Method .LCD screen can display test procedure and test result. All the human interaction operations complete by the rotating mouse .It is very easy for customers to measure the breakdown voltage. It can print the test result.  The instrument is easy to operate and it has beautiful appearance, high measurement accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, it is safe and reliable.



1.The instrument is controlled by large-capacity single-chip microcomputer, and it’s stable and reliable;

2.Built-in wide range of watchdog circuits to avoid the phenomenon of crashes;

3.Various operation options, the instrument program has two national standard methods and custom operation of GB507-1986 and GB507-2002,

4.Oil cup is cast in one time with special glass to prevent the occurrence of interference such as oil leakage;

5.The unique high-voltage sampling design allows the test value to directly enter the A/D converter, avoiding the error caused in the analog circuit and making the measurement result more accurate;

6.The instrument has functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit protection, strong anti-interference ability and good electromagnetic compatibility;

7. Portable structure, easy to move, easy to use indoors and outdoors.


Technique index

1 Rated power supply: AC 220V±20% 50/60Hz

2 Output voltage: YJJ-601A: AC 0~80KV or YJJ-601B: AC 0~100KV

3 Rate of voltage rise: 2.0KV/S, 3.0KV/S for changing, error: 0.2KV/S

4 Measuring precision: 3 class

5 Times of withstand voltage: 1-6

6 Stirring time: 5~90 seconds

7 Stewing time: 1-15 minutes

8 Capacity: 1.5KVA

9 Power < 200W

10 Environment temperatures: 0-40℃    

11 Relative humidity: ≤85%RH

12 Size: 410×390×380mm3    

14 Weight: 26kg


Panel Instruction

1.LCD: displays date, time, operating parameters, test results, operation menu prompts and other related information;

2. Function key: Select to set operating parameters;

3. Printer:it prints the test results;

4. Changing Switch: select different boost rate: 2KV/s or 3KV/s;

5. Indicator: it means that the relevant operation steps are in progress when it is light;

6. Oil cup protection cover: put or remove oil cup after open it, it is allowed to test when closed.

7.Temperature and humidity sensor: it measures Celsius temperature and relative humidity and display;

8. Ground: good grounding is necessary;

9. Power & switch: AC220V 50Hz

10. Open/close button: Press the switch to open or close the box cover

11. Mark of high voltage danger.




Sr no




Oil cup



Power supply cable



Standard gauge









Earth wire



Fuse (3A)



Print paper



Factory’s calibration



Operating manual



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