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  • Full Auto Temperature Rise Strong Current Generator
Full Auto Temperature Rise Strong Current Generator

Full Auto Temperature Rise Strong Current Generator

  • Product description: Full Automatic Temperature Rise Special Large Current Generator

I. Application

The Generator is necessary equipment in all walks of life which need large current place in electrical commissioning, it was used in power plants, substations, electrical manufacturing factory and scientific research laboratory, and so on, it belongs to the short-time or intermittent work system, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, good performance, convenient usage and maintenance etc.



Power Supply

Volt, Hz

380-400V (ABCN 3phase), 50Hz


Current Output


Model DDG-400TD: Adjustable 0-400 A

Model DDG-500TD: Adjustable 0-500 A

Model DDG-600TD: Adjustable 0-600 A

Model DDG-800TD: Adjustable 0-800 A

Model DDG-1000TD: Adjustable 0-1000 A


Open Voltage at max output current


5V (Can be customized)


Output phase

Single phase and 3 phase output, ABC each phase can be adjusted for 3 phase balance


Working time

8 hours continuously



Manual and automatic


Display Panel

Colour touch LCD


Temperature rising detector

16 ways temperature detector, colour display




Cables :- 3 pcs for max output current (5m)



English manual and LCD display



12 months gurantee and life time maintenance

III. Advantage

1. This equipment is one unit including high current test, voltage regulator, temperature measuring instrument, industrial computer operating system

2. Voltage and current are displayed by computer software, accuracy 0.5 class

3. Zero starting protection function and the failure of emergency stop function

4. Software testing time which can be setted by users, and it has a reminder function

5. After current setting, resulting deviation of software can be automatically adjusted according to the parameters setting

6. Anti strong magnetic interference

7. Imported K type thermocouple; 0 - 1370℃

8. Temperature tester is with multiple temperature monitoring, measuring and recording function, and it can automatically monitor ambient temperature, comparison test point temperature. Automatic temperature alarm if exceeding setting temperature, users can access to any point’s temperature and temperature rising.measurement error ±1%

9. Hardware and software anti-interference technology, stable performance, strong anti-interference.

10. Digital display screen, bar chart display screen, real-time curve menu, recall curve menu.

IV. Operating procedure

1. Setting up a good location according to relevant procedures set up a good location, connecting cables in accordance with the corresponding identification

2. After power input is connected, power switch on, confirming the regulator is in the “0” position. Pressing the button “Start”, power of indication lights,then bigin to boost current.

3. Pressing buttion “3 phase UP” and closely watching current meter,  If current imbalance,you can adjust single-phase. A phase Up, A phase Down, B phase Up, B phase Down,C phase Up and C phase Down, until current balance to target value. Press the timer button and start the timer. When the time reaches the set time, the alarm signal will be started

4. After the completion of the test, firstly press the button “3 phase Down”,so that the regulator returns to “0”position, then press the “Stop”button, and then reset the “time” button, remove cables connection.

V.Temperature patrol instrument

1.Temperature range: -100℃1000℃;(standard sensor temperature range: -50-300℃)

2.Measuring accuracy:01000(Reading value×0.5%+1)

-1000:±(Reading value×0.5%+2)

3.High frequency interference function.

4.Temperature signal input channel number: 16

5.Sensor: nickel chromium nickel silicon thermocouple (type K) (type T or J type).

6.Power supply: AC 220V±10%50Hz±2%

7.Working environment: temperature: -2070,

Relative humidity: 20%90%;

8.Highest potential difference between thermocouples: 350V (true RMS);

9.Size and weight: (L * w * h) 31cm * 26cm * 12cm/5kg

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