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  • YJJ-608 Oil C & Tan Delta Tester
  • YJJ-608 Oil C & Tan Delta Tester
YJJ-608 Oil C & Tan Delta TesterYJJ-608 Oil C & Tan Delta Tester

YJJ-608 Oil C & Tan Delta Tester

Product overview

YJJ-608 Auto Oil C & Tan Delta Tester (Automatic oil dielectric loss and resistivity tester) is designed and manufactured according to GB / T5654-2007 measurement of relative permittivity, dielectric loss factor and DC resistivity of liquid insulating materials. It is used to measure the dielectric loss factor and DC resistivity of liquid insulating media such as insulating oil. Integrated structure. The main components such as dielectric loss oil cup, temperature controller, temperature sensor, dielectric loss test bridge, AC test power supply, standard capacitor, high resistance meter and DC high voltage source are integrated. The instrument adopts full digital technology, all intelligent and automatic measurement, and is equipped with large screen 5.7 inch TFT pure color LCD touch display and full chinese or english menu. The test results can be automatically stored and printed out. The operator can skillfully use it without professional training.


Main functions and features

(1) Oil cup adopts the three electrode structure in accordance with the national standard GB / T5654-2007, and the electrode spacing is 2mm, which can eliminate the influence of stray capacitance and leakage on the dielectric loss test results.

(2) The instrument adopts medium frequency induction heating and PID temperature control algorithm. The heating method has the advantages of non-contact between oil cup and heating body, uniform heating, fast speed and convenient control, so that the temperature is strictly controlled within the preset temperature error range.

(3) The internal standard capacitor is SF6 gas filled three-point polar capacitor. The dielectric loss and capacitance of the capacitor are not affected by ambient temperature and humidity, so the accuracy of the instrument can still be guaranteed after long-term use.

(4) AC test power supply adopts AC-DC-AC conversion mode, which can effectively avoid the influence of voltage and frequency fluctuation on the accuracy of dielectric loss test. Even if the generator generates electricity, the instrument can operate correctly. (optional)

(5) Perfect protection function. When there is over-voltage, over-current, high-voltage short-circuit, the instrument can quickly cut off high-voltage, and send out a warning message. When the temperature sensor fails or is not connected, a warning message will be sent out.

(6) Built in temperature limiting relay in the medium frequency induction furnace. When temperature exceeds 120 ℃, the relay releases and the heating stops.

(7) Convenient setting test parameters. Temperature setting range: 0-120 ℃, AC  

voltage setting range:200-2200V, and DC voltage setting range:0-500V.

(8) Large TFT color touch LCD, display clearly. With simple setup, the instrument can test automatically. The test results are stored and printed automatically.

(9) Real-time clock, test date and time can be saved, displayed and printed with test


(10) Empty electrode cup calibration function. The capacitance and dielectric loss factor of the empty electrode cup are measured to judge the cleaning and assembly status of the empty electrode cup. The calibration data are automatically saved to facilitate the accurate calculation of relative permittivity and DC resistivity.

(11) The core of the instrument is RAM9 platform, with high precision and high


(12) Automatic oil discharge dielectric loss is for buyer’s optional.

Conditions of use

1. Ambient temperature: 0℃40℃

2. Relative humidity: < 75%


Main technical indicators

1. Power supply voltage: AC 220 V ± 10%

2. Power frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 1%

3. Measurement range: Capacitance: 5pF200pF

Relative permittivity: 1.000 30.000

Dielectric loss factor: 0.00001-100

DC resistivity: 2.5 mΩ m ~ 20 TΩ M

4. Measurement accuracy: Relative permittivity: ± (1-10)%

Dielectric loss factor: ± (5% reading + 0.0002)

DC resistivity: ± 10% reading

5. Resolution: Capacitance: 0.01pF

Relative permittivity:0.001

Dielectric loss factor: 0.00001

6. Temperature measurement range: 0120 ℃

7. Temperature measurement error: ± 0.5 ℃

8. AC test voltage: 200 ~ 2200v, continuously adjustable, frequency: 50 Hz

9. DC test voltage: 0 ~ 500V continuously adjustable

10. Power consumption: 100W

11. Dimension: 460mm * 370mm * 330mm

12. Total weight: 25kg







Stainless steel test vessel




Temperature control cable




Data acquisition cable




High voltage calbe (2KV)




Measuring cable




Power supply cable




Measuring cup




Printing paper




Power supply




Calibration report




Operating manual




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