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  • YJJ-801 Insulation Oil Tester
  • YJJ-801 Insulation Oil Tester
YJJ-801 Insulation Oil TesterYJJ-801 Insulation Oil Tester

YJJ-801 Insulation Oil Tester


This type of insulating oil dielectric strength tester is a high accuracy and full digital industrial instrument developed by all scientific research and technical personnel of our company according to the relevant standards and regulations of insulating oil test, giving full play to their own advantages, after many field tests and long-term unremitting efforts. The machine is easy to operate and beautiful. Due to the use of fully automatic digital microcomputer control, so the measurement accuracy is high, anti-interference ability is strong, safe and reliable.


2.Instrument features

1) The instrument is controlled by large capacity single chip microcomputer, which is stable and reliable;

2) The instrument has temperature and humidity and clock display functions, and can customize infrared oil temperature measurement.

3) Built-in wide range watchdog circuit inside of the instrument to eliminate the phenomenon of crash;

4) Variety of standard selection, the instrument program is equipped with GB / T507-1986, GB / T507-2002, DL429.9, IEC156 and self- programming operation, which can adapt to various choices of different users;

5) Oil cup of the instrument is made of special glass and polymer  

materials, which is finely processed to prevent oil leakage and corrosion;

6) Unique high-voltage sampling design of the instrument allows the test  

value to enter the A / D converter directly, which avoids the error caused in the analog circuit and makes the measurement result more accurate;

7) The instrument has over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit protection  

and other functions, and has strong anti-interference ability and good electromagnetic compatibility;

8) Can switch between Chinese and English at will to meet different customer


9) The instrument has the function of data analysis to assist the staff to determine oil  


10) USB or RS232 data transmission;

11) Large wide colour touch screen display.


3.Technical parameter                      

1) Booster capacity 1.5 KVA

2) Step up speed 0.5kv/s-5.0kv/s (increasing every 0.5KV) 10 scales,error 0.2kv/s

3) Output voltage: Model no.YJJ-801A: 0-80 kV;Model no.YJJ-801B: 0-100KV

4) Voltage accuracy (2% reading + 2 digits)

5) Power distortion rate < 1%

6) Electrode gap: standard 2.5mm

7) Test times: 6 times (1-9 times for optional)

8. Static release time: 900s (0-9000s for optional)

9. Interval rest time: 300s (0-900s for optional)

10. Mixing time: 15s (0-250s for optional)

11. Dimension: 650mm × 470mm × 410mm

12. Weight 35kg


4. Operating Conditions     

1) Ambient temperature 0-40 ℃

2) Relative humidity ≤ 85%

3) Working power AC 220V (1 ± 10%)

4) Power frequency 50/60 Hz

5) Power consumption < 200 W


5.Panel instruction


(1) LCD: displays date, time, operation parameters, test results,   

operation menu prompts and other relevant information;

(2) Printer: prints the average value of single and multiple test results;

(3) Power switch: control instrument power on / off

(4) Oil cup cover: after opening the oil cup cover, put or take out the oil cup and

close it before testing;

(5) High voltage sign: triangle sign indicating danger of high voltage;

(6) Power socket: AC 220V 50/60Hz;

(7) Grounding terminal;

(8) USB or RS232 interface

(9) Temperature & humidity sensor: real time temperature and humidity  




Sr no




Oil cup & Electrode

1 set


Mushroom shape electrode head

1 pair


Spherical shape electrode head

1 pair


Flat shape electrode head

1 pair


Power supply cable

1 pc


Standard gauge

1 pc



2 pcs



1 pc


Earth wire

1 pc


Fuse (3A)

2 pcs


Print paper

1 pc


Factory’s calibration

1 pc


Operating manual

1 pc



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