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  • HLY-600  (100A/200A/400A/600A)
HLY-600  (100A/200A/400A/600A)

HLY-600 (100A/200A/400A/600A)

Brief description


Micro-Ohmmeter 600A is the special test equipment for measuring the contact resistance and loop resistance of some devices such as switch, circuit interrupter, and transformer and so on. It adopts the typical four-wire method of measurement which helps get the DC resistance through the following steps: outputting a DC current, applying the current to the tested body by linking its two terminals, and measuring the voltage drop when the current goes through the tested body, then dividing the current by the voltage. In addition, it mainly consists of constant current source, preamplifier, A/D converter, indicating device and so on. It is designed according to IEC62271



1) Design with hardware and software: endowing the instrument with some features such   

  as high measuring speed, numerical stability, and good repeatability and so on by  using electronic circuit of high precision and SCM of high performance.

2) Real-time monitor will display site resistance and current.

3) If the duration of current is over 1 minute, it completely accords with the verification

  regulation of JJG 1052-2009 loop resistance.

4) 100A/200A/400A/600A four scales constant-current supply of high precision for testing the current, it tests quickly and accurately without manual adjustment.

5) It has the functions of printing, storing, real-time viewing data and so on.

6) Large screen display, menu operating, friendly interfaces to understand and process 


5. Thermal printer with fast speed, which can be installed printing paper directly.

6. It can also measure when exchanging wirings between positive and negative poles of  

voltage, and between positive and negative poles of current.

7. Manage the data of equipment through serial port RS232 instead of paper.


Technical parameter

1) Measurement range:

              100A  0 ~ 20mΩ  last 300S

                  200A  0 ~ 10mΩ  Last 120S

                  400A  0 ~ 5mΩ   Last 80S

                  600A  0 ~ 3mΩ   Last 60S

2) Measurement precision: better than 0.5%

3) Resolution: 0.01μΩ

4) Operating mode: continuous measurement

5) Display mode: LCD

6) Computer interface: RS232

7) Print way: thermal printing   

8) Environment condition:

           Temperature: -10℃ ~ 50℃

           Relative humidity: < 90%25℃


           Power supply frequency: 50HZ±1HZ

9) Power: ≤3100W

10) Size: length 460 mm*width 400mm*height 380mm

11) Weight: 26 Kgs



Sr no





Power supply cable

1 unit


Test cables

1 set


Soft driver

1 unit


Printer paper

1 unit


Factorys calibration report

1 unit


Operating manual

1 unit


Pack/Aluminium alloy box for


1 unit


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