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  • HLY- I Micro-ohmmeter 100A (Contact Resistance Tester)
HLY- I Micro-ohmmeter 100A (Contact Resistance Tester)

HLY- I Micro-ohmmeter 100A (Contact Resistance Tester)

Product Introduction

At present, the conventional QJ44 double arm DC bridge is widely used in the measurement of contact resistance in the power system, and the test current of this kind of bridge is only mA level, so it is difficult to find the defect of the reduction of the cross-sectional area of the circuit conductor. When measuring the contact resistance of the conductive circuit of the high-voltage switch, due to the influence of the oil film and oxide layer between the contacts, the measured value is several times larger, which can not truly reflect the contact resistance Value. For this reason, the standard of Ministry of electric power SD301-88 "Regulations on handover and preventive test of AC 500kV power equipment" and the new version "Regulations on preventive test of power equipment" stipulate that the measuring current of contact resistance of circuit breaker and disconnector shall not be less than 100A DC, so as to ensure the accuracy of test results.


The instrument is designed according to the new electric power executive standard of the people's Republic of China DL / T845.4-2004, using the combination of high frequency switch power supply technology and digital circuit technology. The tester is suitable for measuring the circuit resistance of the switch control equipment. The instrument is accurate in measurement and stable in performance, which meets the requirements of high-voltage switch maintenance and loop resistance test of high-voltage switch factory.


Technical parameters


Measuring range




Test current

DC 0-100A Continuous adjustable




Current:31/2 LCD

Resistance: 31/2 LCD

Power supply

AC220V±10% 50Hz

Working environment

Temperature -10℃ ~ 40℃, humidity: ≤80%RH


300×270×200 mm3


5kg(excluding attachments)




1. High current output: the tester adopts the new power technology, which can  

continuously output high current for a long time, it overcomes the disadvantage of the

instantaneous current of the pulse power supply, effectively breaks down the oxide film

of the switch contact, and obtains good test results.

2. Strong anti-interference ability: under the condition of serious interference, the last data

of LCD can be stable within the range ± 1 digit, with stable reading and good


3. The loop resistance tester has a long service life: all high-precision resistors are used

to effectively eliminate the impact of ambient temperature on the measurement results,

while the use of military connectors enhances the anti vibration performance.

4. Easy to carry: small size and light weight

5. Simple wiring:




 Sr no




Power supply cable

1 unit


Test cables

1 set



2 units


Factorys calibration report

1 unit


Operating manual

1 unit


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