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  • Model HLY-100  (50A/100A)
Model HLY-100  (50A/100A)

Model HLY-100 (50A/100A)

Brief description

The equipment is suitable for measuring loop resistance/contact resistance of switching control device. It can directly measure the loop resistance under 2 current scales of 50/100A with digital display and it can print the test result. The instrument has the characters of good accuracy, performance and stability. It can meet the requirements of power sector field and high-voltage switch factory to test loop resistance/contact resistance.




1.Output Current: DC 50A, 100A
2.Measurement Range:

       50A   0 ~ 40mΩ(40Ω): last 300S

       100A   0 ~ 20mΩ(20Ω): last 120S

3.Resolution: 0.01μΩ

1) Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.5%
5.Power Supply: AC 220 ± 10%; 50/60Hz

7) Operation mode: continous measurement

8) Interface to PC: RS232

8.Power: ≤1000W



12.Net Weight: 15kg (with wires)

13.Gross Weight: 18kgs

14.Packed in 1 Carton or 1 wooden case.



Sr no





Power supply cable

1 unit


Test cables

1 set


Soft driver

1 unit


Printer paper

1 unit


Factorys calibration report

1 unit


Operating manual

1 unit


Pack/Aluminium alloy box for


1 unit


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